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January 17, 2019

Wizard Paint: is the iPad version of GMX-PhotoPainter

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Wizard Paint is the iOS version of GMX-PhotoPainter

Wizard Paint Step by Step

Use the arrows at the left and right sides to navigate through the slide show to get a first look at how to use Wizard Paint.

  • Wizard Paint Pick Image
  • Choose Resolution
  • Wizard Paint Main Screen
  • Size and Density
  • Start Painting!
  • AutoPaint Tool
  • Freehand Tool
  • Pattern Tool
  • Eraser Tool
  • Presets Styles
  • Edit Predefined Style
  • Full Settings
  • Zoom and Pan

Visit Wizard Paint in the iOS Store!

June 15, 2017

Paintings from our Artists

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These are paintings contributed by our users during the latest months.
Unfortunately I they were uploaded in an anonymous way.
If you are the author then contact me.

May 20, 2015

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.8

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What’s New in GMX-PhotoPainter 2.8

Introduces a new feature which will let you to create sketches. You will find a new option under View: Show/Hide Border tools:

menu border tools

Then a small panel will appear with the following options:

border tools

By clicking on: “Vectorize Borders” GMX-PhotoPainter will start to find the edges of original image, and highlight them in red:

borders in red

Border Length and Precision

  • Precision: The more Precision you set, more borders it will find.
  • Length: The more  Length you set, larger segment you will obtain.
You can experiment with different “Border Length” and “Border Precision”.

To apply the borders with the current settings you must press the button “Stroke Paths”  under the Vector Painting panel:

In order to make visible the brushstrokes, it is always convenient to choose your own color and set the color mixer to a value less than 180, otherwise the brushstrokes won’t be different from the rest of the painting. In this example we’ve choosen white, and set color mix at 50% (128):

borders in red

The following tutorial shows step by a step a complete painting, at the end of the tutorial it will apply this new feature:

How to Upgrade from Previous Versions

As always, GMX-PhotoPainter offers 1 year of free updates. So, if you purchased a year ago or less ago, you are entitled to get a free licence. Otherwise you will receive a discount coupon for 30% discount.

November 30, 2014

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.7

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What’s New in GMX-PhotoPainter 2.7

The two most important features are:

  • Export your paintings to Ultra High Resolution!
  • Vectorial Painting


  • More tweaks to the User interface
  • The freehand painting has been enhanced
  • Many Bug Fixes

High Resolution

This feature let you export your paintings at a higher resolution. The result will look sharp and defined, because it will be rendered at the desired resolution.

How to Export at higher resolution

Under the Edit option there is a new option:
Export to High Resolution Option

Before Exporting the Drawing it will ask the new size in pixels and background options:
High Resolution Options

Resulting Painting:
GMX-PhotoPainter High Resolution Capabilities

Vectorial Painting

As you can see there are two new tools: The “Vector” and “Node” tools

  • The Vector Tool let you draw a curve along which the brushstroke will be drawn. The brushstroke settings will take the current style settings: width, transparency, brush shape, etc.
  • The Node Tool let you edit the shape of the curve. If you want to add a new node then SHIFT-CLICK over the place where you want to add a new node. If you want to remove it, press CONTROL-CLICK to remove it.

Vectorial Painting

Managing Vectors

  • To delete all of them without applying click “Erase paths” button in the toolbar
  • To delete current brushstroke press “Del” key in your keyboard
  • To hide the curves press “H”
  • You can add as many curves as you want
  • To effectively apply all the vector brushstrokes you’ve drawn click: “Stroke Paths” button.

Vector Tools

User Interface Changes

The classic toolbar has been replaced by a new one:
New toolbar

How to Upgrade from Previous Versions

As always, GMX-PhotoPainter offers 1 year of free updates. So, your purchase was made one year or less ago, you are entitled to get a free licence. Otherwise you will receive a discount coupon for 30% discount.

June 11, 2014

Better Zoom and Panning functions for GMX-PhotoPainter

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New versions are available for download of GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac & Windows.

Zoom and Panning Functions

  • Allows Zoom greater than 100%
  • Pan by pressing space bar and dragging the cursor

New Builds

  • Mac Version: 2.6 BUILD: 9223
  • Windows Version: 2.6 BUILD: 466

How to Upgrade

May 28, 2014

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.6: Transparent Background

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GMX-PhotoPainter 2.6 Introduces a new feature:

Now you can paint over transparent a background

To accomplish this, do the following:

That’s it!
This is how it looks:

You can copy the resultant image to the clipboard or you can save it as PNG. The PNG format will preserve the transparency.

Other new features in version 2.6

  • Mac OS X: Now it uses the native resolution of Retina Display.
    It looks simply great!
  • Show/Hide Tools:By pressing “T” you will Show/Hide the tools:

How to Upgrade

April 26, 2014

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.5 for Mac and Windows

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After hundred hours of hard work, GMX-PhotoPainter 2.5 finally comes to light.

What’s new?
The user interface has been redesigned, this is how it looks:

On Mac OS X:

On Windows:

As you can see the toolbar at the right is not anymore.
Instead you will find all the options in the lower left corner:

User Interface Elements:

1. Quick Settings

This panel could be handy to quickly modify the width, length and transparency of the brushstrokes.

2. Brush Settings
By clicking on the Brush Icon you will access this screen. It gives full control over all the settings of how the brushstroke will look and behave:

3. Color Settings
By clicking on the Color Palette Icon you will see this screen. It let you control the color of the Brush Strokes:

Style Categories:
By clicking on the current style you will able to pick a new style category and style:

It also will give you the preview of the current style:

Color Picker:
This option is useful in combination with the freehand tool, it will let you decide by yourself the brushstroke color:

By clicking on the icon you will see:

Create and Edit Style Wizard
By clicking on the Edit or New buttons you will access a wizard which will guide thought the following wizard:

How to Upgrade

March 9, 2013

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.4 for Mac and Windows

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What’s New?

  • Autosave Feature:Now GMX-PhotoPainter will automatically save your current project.
    In case of unexpected quit, your project will get automatically recovered. The autosave won’t interfere with your work because the action is done in the background.
  • Workspace Features:Now you can Save and Load your Projects. This will let you continue later an unfinished work.
  • Bug Fix: On Windows version JPG and Tiff formats saves the painting upside-down

autosave feature
workspace options

How to Upgrade

December 29, 2012

Important Bug Fix for GMX-PhotoPainter 2.3 for Windows

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The NEW version is:
The OLD version is:

This release corrects a bug which prevented some users to launch GMX-PhotoPainter 2.3.
Follow these steps to correct it:

1. Uninstall GMX-PhotoPainter

  • Step 1) Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\GMX-PhotoPainter-2.3
  • Step 2) Execute the uninstaller.

Uninstall GMX-PhotoPainter

2. Download GMX-PhotoPainter

Download GMX-PhotoPainter

3. Install it Again as Before.

Execute the installer as normal. If prompted, choose Overwrite old files.

4. Make sure you are using the correct version:

To make sure you are executing the version 2351, look at the caption of application:
Check if it is GMX-PhotoPainter

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

December 20, 2012

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.3 for Mac and Windows

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What’s New in version 2.3?

    • Application Preferences
      Preset the way of how GMX-PhotoPainter behaves:
    • Size & Density

      Now, while you move the “Size Control” or the “Density Control”, GMX-PhotoPainter draws a Circle with the size of affected area, and the Density is shown by drawing points inside it.

      • Size Control:
        Sets the size of the area affected by the drawing tools
      • Density Control:
        Sets the number of Strokes Drawn.

      Size and Density

    • Save Options

      Set the DPI (Dots per Inch) of your painting at the moment of saving it.
      Also you can set the JPG quality.
      Save Options
    • Some minors Bugs were Fixed on both platforms

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for Everyone.

    Christmas Tree

    Hope you have a great 2013!!!

November 9, 2012

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.2 for Mac and Windows

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What’s new in version 2.2

This new version greatly enhances the screen and display functions:

  • It shows a circular Cursor around the Painting Area
  • It performs about 100 times faster with high resolution images
  • Automatically fits image on the screen

The update is completely free for current GMX-PhotoPainter 2.x Owners.

Latest Mac version: 2.2 – Build 4195
Latest PC Version: 2.2 – Build 2171

June 21, 2012

GMX-PhotoPainter Version 2.1 Released

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This update is for both platforms: Mac and Windows

What’s new in version 2.1

  • On Windows version, it fixes the annoying bug of the horizontal line which appeared over the image when doing scrolling.
  • It changed the licensing system. Previous users of GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 for Windows can use the contact form to request new licence
  • With this new version you don’t need to execute it for first time as administrator. (Only Windows)
  • On Mac, it fixes a bug which made it crash under some unknown image formats

Latest Mac version: 2.1 – Build 3397
Latest PC Version: 2.1 – Build 1797

April 16, 2012

Users Gallery is Back

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After some years of having a static Users Gallery, now users can add and manage their own creations.

Here is How to Create your Own Gallery

Here is The New Users Gallery

March 22, 2012

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 for Mac – Build 3331

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My Friend Anthony Bouttell discovered a problem in the Pattern Editor. It only happened in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. The problem is fixed now.

To get the new version just Download it Again!.

Thanks a lot Anthony.

March 11, 2012

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 – Free Update for Mac OS X and Windows

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This is the first release which upgrades both platforms, -PC and Mac- at the same time.

What’s new?

New Features for Mac

The following features are new for Mac, but already present GMX-PhotoPainter II for PC

  • Project Dialog:Before creating a new project, it will show you a sheet in which you can decide: Background color, and picture dimensions.

    See in Users Manual: Project Sheet
  • Draw Free!: Now you can use the Freehand Tool to draw brushstrokes.

    See in Users Manual: Freehand Tool
  • Pattern Editor: Create and Edit your own patterns.

    See in Users Manual: Pattern Tool
  • Preview Stop/Start: Now you can Start or Stop the process which generates the Style Preview.

    See in Users Manual: Style Preview
  • Blend Modes: It adds two aditional blending modes: “Color Only” and “Brightness Only”
    See in Users Manual: Blending Modes
  • Multicolor painting: Now, this color mode is fully operative in GMX-PhotoPainter foc Mac.

    See in Users Manual: Multi-Color Mode

New Features for Both PC and Mac

The following are new for both patforms: PC and Mac

  • Custom Color Selection
  • Custom Brushes Import:This option let you import your own brushes.
    See in Users Manual: Importing your own Brushes
  • Multiple Brushes Feature:This option let you specify more than one Brush in a given style. Each time a brushstroke is drawn, will randomly choose a different brush.

    See in Users Manual: Multiple Brushes

Upgrade Policy

The following users are entitled for the Free Upgrade:

  • Mac: All GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac Owners are entitled for this Free Upgrade
  • PC: GMX-PhotoPainter II for Windows Owners are entitled for this Free Upgrade.

    GMX-PhotoPainter 1.1 and Gertrudis Pro Owners can Ask for the 50% discount coupon by using the Contact Form

August 19, 2011

GMX-PhotoPainter II Released

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I’m really pleased today to announce the release 2 of Gertrudis Graphics flagship product: GMX-PhotoPainter.

GMX-PhotoPainter II for PC is completely new development, in fact it was developed from scratch. Since the introduction of GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac, a new series of the product started: GMX-PhotoPainter II for PC and Mac, both versions shares the same common base, which includes internal painting structures, rendering algorithms, and even some parts of the user interface.

Martin Düerr an Artist and my friend helped me a lot with suggestions and beta testing, he was the first to use it, and here are some of his first sketches, which he created with the new freehand tool.

Arsene Lupin by Martin Düerr alias CyberSign

Sleeping Panther by Martin Düerr alias CyberSign

GMX-PhotoPainter II intitial screen

GMX-PhotoPainter screen in action by Martin Düerr alias CyberSign

August 9, 2011

GMX-PhotoPainter II

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Since the release of GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac, I’ve been working hard in order to create the PC version using the same painting engine.
Here is a screenshot about how it looks:

GMX-PhotoPainter II
If you are interested in download a beta, just contact me using the Contact Form.

What’s new in GMX-PhotoPainter II

Everything is new in GMX-PhotoPainter II. It has been rebuild again from scratch.

Unified Kernel

With the introducction of GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac, a new series of the product started: GMX-PhotoPainter II for PC and Mac, both shares the same common base: this includes, the internal painting structures, rendering algorithms, and even some parts of the user interface.

So, what’s new?

While the same ideas and concepts remain, every aspect of GMX-PhotoPainter II is new, however here is some key differences:

  • Everything lies in one window: In the previous version the left panel showed the original image, and right one the result.
    Current version shows everything in the same window, but you can mix how much you see of the original image.
    transparency main window
    See also: Main Window .

  • Draw Freely!: As always, GMX-PhotoPainter II let you convert the original image into a painting by automatically choosing color and direction of the brushstroke for you, now it also add the capability to to paint freely, thus, you can paint stroke by stroke and choose the color manually.
    paint stroke by stroke
  • New User Interface: The user interface has been completely
    redesigned, it’s simpler and provides an easy access to the most common tools and
  • Also To ensure better user experience, the user interface of each version:
    PC & Mac was written using theirs native toolkits.

  • Refined Painting Algorithms: :The algorithms have been
    tunned to render high quality paintings, Bristle Brushes and Paint and Ink now
    include more options
  • Much Faster than before: Because its kernel was written in C++
    optimized for multicore processors, the painting operations respond naturally to
    hand movements.

October 6, 2010

A first tutorial about GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac

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The Tutorial is published in PenScappers. A place for serious scrapbooking inspiration

Watercolor Painting with GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac

August 2, 2010

GMX-PhotoPainter 1.0 Released!

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The last year and a half has been very interesting and intense. I learned a lot of new things(*). And here is the result: GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac!.
This is by no means the end, this is just the beginning. There will be a lot of enhancements. Furthermore, because the kernel of GMX-PhotoPainter was rewritten from scratch in C++, I have a portable code which will let me start publishing beta versions for PC very soon based on the new Kernel. In fact I have versions running on PC, but they are not ready to be used even as a beta.

I would like to give special thanks to the following people (in no particular order):

- Martin Düerr: He has been helping me just from the beggining of Gertrudis Project.
- Jean-Jacques Boutaud: He gave me a lot of wise comments and tips to make GMX-PhotoPainter better.
- Anthony Bouttell: He has been helping me with GMX-PhotoPainter for several years now. Both for PC and Mac.

Also I’d like to thank to the people in the cppba group for sharing their expertise. They share their knowledge for nothing in return.

(*) What I’ve learned?:

  • Enhanced my C++
  • Cocoa Framework
  • Objective C
  • Mac OS X
  • QT from Trolltech
  • WordPress

July 26, 2010

GMX-PhotoPainter Beta 6

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Hi! there,
Beta 6 of GMX-PhotoPainter is available for download.
Download the new beta from: (Select Mac Version!)

It fixes the following bugs:

  • The Shortcut to Show/Hide Tools pane doesn’t work. The label of this menu item remains the same if the pane is hidden or displayed but should be “Hide” to hide pane or “Show” to show pane.
  • In large monitors (20″ or larger) Each time PhotoPainter is launched, the main document window is located somewhere near the bottom and right sides of the screen with the Tools pane over it.
    So, each time, the first thing to do was to move the document window (near the left and top sides of the screen) and slightly move the Tools pane to the right.
  • There behavior of the tool window was incorrect when it was resized
  • The “Preferences” item is greyed out. If there are no preferences whatsoever, it just shouldn’t be there.
  • The “Show / hide tools” item in the “Windows” menu always has a checkmark, whether the tools are shown or not.
  • If you try to quit and have unsaved changes, the dialog should read “Do you want to save the changes you made in the document “Name”?” with a subcaption reading “Your changes will be lost if you don’t save them” and the default buttons should be “Save…” “Cancel” and “Don’t Save”. Slightly different wording is OK, but different buttons will confuse the user.
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