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November 1, 2007

Gertrudis MX – Beta 4 Release 522

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Me Again!,

There is a new beta!


Before installing it, create a backup of your Gertrudis MX folder.

What’s new

  • Basic Brush preview in the left panel. (shape, transparency, with and length)
  • New option to help organize styles and the styles bar in the top of the window:
    Enter using: File > Configure Styles Folder
    Changing the order of the styles, will change the order of the styles shown in the top bar.

Bugs Fixed

  • As Marcel suggested the preview button is on the top bar now.
  • The bristle brush, had problems over white areas, it showed small stains. FIXED.
  • Using some of the Marcel brushes, enhanced the Oil Styles. Please, help adding some standard styles to the basic distribution.
  • When a user clicks on a pattern, the pattern tool it’s automatically selected.
  • The maximum value of the preview quality was increased from 100 to 500
  • On the application startup, the autosketch tool it’s automatically selected.
  • The Pen&Ink mode had a problem when a user selected Frequency = 255 / Smooth = 128.

Knwon Bugs / Problems Issues

  • Style Manager: In the style manager, under some circumstances the style preview gets disabled. ┬┐Could you help me to determine that circumstances/conditions? Use the forum to post and discuss Gertrudis MX Beta
  • The save at different size fails if the drawing is using some Pen&Ink Brush.
  • Style Manager, Exclusive modes: If Bristle Brush is selected, then many options in the style manager have no meaning, so this options should appear disabled. The same situation with the Pen and Ink brushes.
  • Bristle Brushes Icon: It is awful, please help me in replacing it.
  • ┬┐Preview Button near the basic controls (width, length, and alpha) in the left panel?

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