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November 30, 2014

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.7

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What’s New in GMX-PhotoPainter 2.7

The two most important features are:

  • Export your paintings to Ultra High Resolution!
  • Vectorial Painting


  • More tweaks to the User interface
  • The freehand painting has been enhanced
  • Many Bug Fixes

High Resolution

This feature let you export your paintings at a higher resolution. The result will look sharp and defined, because it will be rendered at the desired resolution.

How to Export at higher resolution

Under the Edit option there is a new option:
Export to High Resolution Option

Before Exporting the Drawing it will ask the new size in pixels and background options:
High Resolution Options

Resulting Painting:
GMX-PhotoPainter High Resolution Capabilities

Vectorial Painting

As you can see there are two new tools: The “Vector” and “Node” tools

  • The Vector Tool let you draw a curve along which the brushstroke will be drawn. The brushstroke settings will take the current style settings: width, transparency, brush shape, etc.
  • The Node Tool let you edit the shape of the curve. If you want to add a new node then SHIFT-CLICK over the place where you want to add a new node. If you want to remove it, press CONTROL-CLICK to remove it.

Vectorial Painting

Managing Vectors

  • To delete all of them without applying click “Erase paths” button in the toolbar
  • To delete current brushstroke press “Del” key in your keyboard
  • To hide the curves press “H”
  • You can add as many curves as you want
  • To effectively apply all the vector brushstrokes you’ve drawn click: “Stroke Paths” button.

Vector Tools

User Interface Changes

The classic toolbar has been replaced by a new one:
New toolbar

How to Upgrade from Previous Versions

As always, GMX-PhotoPainter offers 1 year of free updates. So, your purchase was made one year or less ago, you are entitled to get a free licence. Otherwise you will receive a discount coupon for 30% discount.

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