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May 20, 2015

GMX-PhotoPainter 2.8

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What’s New in GMX-PhotoPainter 2.8

Introduces a new feature which will let you to create sketches. You will find a new option under View: Show/Hide Border tools:

menu border tools

Then a small panel will appear with the following options:

border tools

By clicking on: “Vectorize Borders” GMX-PhotoPainter will start to find the edges of original image, and highlight them in red:

borders in red

Border Length and Precision

  • Precision: The more Precision you set, more borders it will find.
  • Length: The more  Length you set, larger segment you will obtain.
You can experiment with different “Border Length” and “Border Precision”.

To apply the borders with the current settings you must press the button “Stroke Paths”  under the Vector Painting panel:

In order to make visible the brushstrokes, it is always convenient to choose your own color and set the color mixer to a value less than 180, otherwise the brushstrokes won’t be different from the rest of the painting. In this example we’ve choosen white, and set color mix at 50% (128):

borders in red

The following tutorial shows step by a step a complete painting, at the end of the tutorial it will apply this new feature:

How to Upgrade from Previous Versions

As always, GMX-PhotoPainter offers 1 year of free updates. So, if you purchased a year ago or less ago, you are entitled to get a free licence. Otherwise you will receive a discount coupon for 30% discount.

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