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July 26, 2010

GMX-PhotoPainter Beta 6

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Hi! there,
Beta 6 of GMX-PhotoPainter is available for download.
Download the new beta from: (Select Mac Version!)

It fixes the following bugs:

  • The Shortcut to Show/Hide Tools pane doesn’t work. The label of this menu item remains the same if the pane is hidden or displayed but should be “Hide” to hide pane or “Show” to show pane.
  • In large monitors (20″ or larger) Each time PhotoPainter is launched, the main document window is located somewhere near the bottom and right sides of the screen with the Tools pane over it.
    So, each time, the first thing to do was to move the document window (near the left and top sides of the screen) and slightly move the Tools pane to the right.
  • There behavior of the tool window was incorrect when it was resized
  • The “Preferences” item is greyed out. If there are no preferences whatsoever, it just shouldn’t be there.
  • The “Show / hide tools” item in the “Windows” menu always has a checkmark, whether the tools are shown or not.
  • If you try to quit and have unsaved changes, the dialog should read “Do you want to save the changes you made in the document “Name”?” with a subcaption reading “Your changes will be lost if you don’t save them” and the default buttons should be “Save…” “Cancel” and “Don’t Save”. Slightly different wording is OK, but different buttons will confuse the user.

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