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August 9, 2011

GMX-PhotoPainter II

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Since the release of GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac, I’ve been working hard in order to create the PC version using the same painting engine.
Here is a screenshot about how it looks:

GMX-PhotoPainter II
If you are interested in download a beta, just contact me using the Contact Form.

What’s new in GMX-PhotoPainter II

Everything is new in GMX-PhotoPainter II. It has been rebuild again from scratch.

Unified Kernel

With the introducction of GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac, a new series of the product started: GMX-PhotoPainter II for PC and Mac, both shares the same common base: this includes, the internal painting structures, rendering algorithms, and even some parts of the user interface.

So, what’s new?

While the same ideas and concepts remain, every aspect of GMX-PhotoPainter II is new, however here is some key differences:

  • Everything lies in one window: In the previous version the left panel showed the original image, and right one the result.
    Current version shows everything in the same window, but you can mix how much you see of the original image.
    transparency main window
    See also: Main Window .

  • Draw Freely!: As always, GMX-PhotoPainter II let you convert the original image into a painting by automatically choosing color and direction of the brushstroke for you, now it also add the capability to to paint freely, thus, you can paint stroke by stroke and choose the color manually.
    paint stroke by stroke
  • New User Interface: The user interface has been completely
    redesigned, it’s simpler and provides an easy access to the most common tools and
  • Also To ensure better user experience, the user interface of each version:
    PC & Mac was written using theirs native toolkits.

  • Refined Painting Algorithms: :The algorithms have been
    tunned to render high quality paintings, Bristle Brushes and Paint and Ink now
    include more options
  • Much Faster than before: Because its kernel was written in C++
    optimized for multicore processors, the painting operations respond naturally to
    hand movements.

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