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Sketching with GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 – Part I


These series of tutorials will show you the sketching capabilities of GMX-PhotoPainter.

Sketching Part I

Start a new project.
This is the Original Photo used for this tutorial.

counting house

Choose the biggest possible brush:

Width 100 apply all settings steps 1 and 2
Length 500
Alpha 70 (approx)

Select the "Autopaint" Tool:


Now apply it over the whole image:

apply to whole image


This is the result after 50 steps:


counting house - step 1

This is the result after 200 steps:

counting house - step 2

Now, make smaller the brush size, and apply it over the whole image.


Width 100 apply all settings step 3
Length 500
Alpha 70 (approx)


counting house - step 3

Finally, choose smaller values for Width and Height, and apply it manually over the whole image:

Width 100 before sketching settings
Length 500
Alpha 70 (approx)


This is the final result before drawing the sketch lines.

counting house - step 4

Now select the FreeHand Tool and draw the sketch lines over the most significant contours.
Keep in mind the following hits:

  • Drawing Straight Lines:shift key
    To draw straight lines keep the Shift key pressed while you move the pointing device (mouse, pen, etc.)

  • Deciding the color by yourself :
    By it’s nature GMX-PhotoPainter always takes the color from the original image, however you can choose your own color:

    1. Choosing the Color:
      Select the desired color by clicking on the color palette or add your custom color.
    2. Play with the Color Mixer:
      If the Color Mixer is to the left it will use the Selected Color.
      If the Color Mixer is to the right it will use the color sampled from the Original Image.
      color picker

      Learn more about Choosing Color, the Color Picker and Mixer


quick start for mac os x quick start for microsoft windows

What can be done with GMX-PhotoPainter?

It includes a Variety of Styles:

Oil Painting Oil-Painting
Pen and Ink Pen and Ink
Crayon Crayon
Watercolor Watercolor

And user defined styles like Pastels, Van Gogh, Seurat, Pointillism, and many others.

By visiting the On-Line Users Gallery you can check what can be done with GMX-PhotoPainter.

How it works?

As a real painting, GMX-PhotoPainter paintings are composed of many overlapped brushstrokes. You have the freedom to choose and combine your own settings, but at the same time will guide the process of painting by automatically choose the colors and directions of the brushstrokes.

To practically learn more about it:

Quick Tutorial on How to Transform a Digital Photo to a painting


Download & Buy

PC Version

Requires: Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.

download GMX-PhotoPainter for windows
buy GMX-PhotoPainter for windows

Mac OS X Version

Requires: Mac OS X 10.5 and later.

download GMX-PhotoPainter mac os x
buy GMX-PhotoPainter mac os x

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