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During the development of GMX-PhotoPainter there has been three important releases:

  • Gertrudis Pro (Windows Only)
  • GMX-PhotoPainter 1.1 (Windows Only)
  • GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 (Mac and Windows)

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Here is a brief description of how and when this versions were developed:

First Development Line
Gertrudis Pro

Windows Only

It all started in 2003 as a free software which I distributed, first between friends, later publicly in Internet.
The first release was named “Gertrudis”. There was no specific reason to choose this name, it doesn’t belong to a family name, or something like that.
The main ideas and novel algorithms was present in the first releases.
There were three versions: Gertrudis, Gertrudis PS, and Gertrudis Pro.
Gertrudis Pro is a powerful painting software for Windows which is still used by a lot of people.

Second Development Line 2005-2008
GMX-PhotoPainter for Windows

Windows Only

In 2005 I started the GMX-PhotoPainter project: It included a lot of internal and external changes: better user interface, more rendering algorithms, and more tools.
While the internal architecture of GMX-PhotoPainter was thought with extensibility in mind, it suffered a big problem: It’s internal architecture was closely tied to the Windows Operating System. This limitation made impossible to port it to other operating systems.

Third Development Line
GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac and Windows

In 2008 I started the project of a platform independent GMX-PhotoPainter.
I started it by rewriting from scratch the painting algorithms, image classes, project classes, everything. It was written absolutely from scratch.
To ensure cross platform compatibility this “kernel” was done in standard C++. In the begining there was no user interface at all, in fact, it consisted in many small test programs which was cross-compiled on Mac and Windows constantly. It was a huge effort.

By the end of 2009 I begin to create the User Interface for both platforms: Mac and Windows. The Windows version was done in QT, and Mac version in native Cocoa / XCode.

2010: First GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac arrives

After a lot of beta testing, and help from many GMX-PhotoPainter fans, I released the first official GMX-PhotoPainter for Mac in October 2010.

August 2011: GMX-PhotoPainter II for PC

First Windows version with the new kernel. The name was “GMX-PhotoPainter II for PC”.
Future versions will use standard numbers, 2.0, 2.1, etc.

March 2012: GMX-PhotoPainter 2.0 for Mac and PC

This is the first release of both versions at the same time.
It included a lot of enhancements for both: PC and Mac
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My gratitude to all the people who relied and still rely on this project.