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January 17, 2006

From Coarse to Fine Details, how to create your drawings faster and smaller

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Often I’ve been asked for the size of the Gertrudis Projects Files.
The size of the project is proportional to the number of strokes. Thus is, as more strokes has the project, the greater size it has.
One way to reduce the size of the project file is by first filling the entire image with large brush strokes. And then add details only in the areas that need it:

Fill the entire image with a brush at its maximum width and length:

Coarse settings

The two following steps consist in reducing the width and length of the stroke and apply it only in the areas where more detail are needed:

Medium settings
Step 2

Now reduce more:

Minimum settings
Step 3

With this technique you will get not only smaller files. Also you will be able to create your drawings more quicker.

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