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January 20, 2006

Gertrudis and PaintShop Pro- by Gun Ledger

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I made a landscape from a photo taken in my little village. I chose that because of the sunset.

Here is first the photo:

Landscape photo - Small

and here is my Gertrudis painting of it
Landscape photo - Small

What I have to share is how I work. I always start at the edges with a broad Big Pastel with lowered opacity, then I take the Medium Pastel and go over the central part with it.
Then I shift to Small Oil with very low opacity and begin my detail work. Everything that is near the viewer I make sharper with that tool. It is just some parts here that I work in detail. The edges are important, the edge of the mountain, the edges of the trees at the middle and front. So some small details that I fill in with a little more brightness, the water behind the trees, the sunlit details on the path and some of the grass.
I think it is important to vary the softness, so it is more diffuse in the distance.
Then of course I crop it, because gertrudis make strange things at the edges :-)

I hope you can use this. I can make more if you want. As it is now, I am eager to train.
I already see that I make progress with training. I think it lies in the eyes a lot, eyes for which details should be worked on and which should be more diffuse.

You talk about combining Gertrudis with Photoshop. I have done that on several images, but not Photoshop, I work in PainShopPro.

I give you some links to my Gallery.
Thefirst one:

is a composition with a native american girl that actually is a Poser girl. It is so with me that I don’t like Poser at all. I think they are lifeless dolls, but with Gertrudis they can be more alive and human.
The rest is elements from different images, and all is put together in PSP.

The next one, also a landscape:

Here I have layered several images, Gertrudis is one of them, a slightly distorted
variant of the photo in Painter is another. Put together I thik it fives the landscape
just that cold windy atmosphere that I sought.

In the third one

have layered a Gertrudis painting of the womans face with the original photo, to get that softness I wanted.

The same layering technique have used here:

Hope this can be to some help for the blog. I find gertrudis great to combine with
PaintShopPro or Photoshop.

Last I will show you my latest image, a cat prtrait I am very happy with.

Got this photo from a friend
Landscape photo - Small

I decided to first make a portrait of the face, she, or he, has such beautiful eyes.
I cut out the face, doubled the size in Irfanview, and used a vignett filter.
Then I worked with Gertrudis in the same way as in the first landscape. Big brushes at the edges, then medium, at last small oil for the face details.
Here is the result
Cat photo - Small

I think it turned out very well.

Then, just for fun, I made one more with one of the pattern tools.
Made it in black and white. Just the eyes and the nose in color.
Cat Version 2 photo - Small

A little fun :-)

That’s all I have to give you now Hope it helps you.


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