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February 1, 2006

Use Photoshop to superimpose borders

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To show details in Gertrudis you have two ways:
1. Use small size brushes in the details
2. You can use another image editing tool, in this case, photoshop to superimpose borders and details.

This tutorial will show you the second technique. However at the end of this tutorial you can see the result using the first technique.

Original Image
Original image - Small

Final Image with borders: Gertrudis Pro + Photoshop
Final image - Small

1. Open the original photo in Gertrudis Pro
Quickly apply the strokes along the whole image using the autosketch tool. Using very large strokes, in this case we selected Oil-Large size
Large brush selection in Gertrudis

Coarse result

2. Select in Gertrudis Pro Oil-Medium size, and apply the autosketch tools only in the borders and others areas of interest like eyes.
Medium Brush size

3. Copy the resultant image to the clipboard (ctrl-c)
4. Paste it on Adobe Photoshop (File | New | Ctrl-V)
5. Open the original photo in Photoshop
6. Let’s remove the noise using the median filter (in a 1600×1200 pixels we selected: Radius=16)
Median Filter

7. Now we are ready extract the most important borders from the image: Go to Filter | Stylize | Find Edges

8. Select all, copy to the clipboard (ctrl-c) and paste the borders as a new layer over the “Gertrudized Image”
9. Select this layer and change the blend mode to “Multiply”
10. The final image is almost done. Is up to you if you want to make some more “postprocessing operations”, in this case we applied some lighting effects and give more saturation to the blood. Go to the beginning of the tutorial to see the final result. Also you can see below how Gertrudis Pro could be used stand alone and show details of the image.

Image with details: 100% Gertrudis Pro (without Photoshop)
Final Image 100% Gertrudis (without photoshop) - Small

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